That feeling of joy you get from sitting around a table and watching people’s reaction to the food you’ve cooked or discovering a restaurant that serves you something so magical you never want to leave… It's hard to describe but if you’ve had those moments, you’ll know what we mean.

Over the last couple of decades there has been a shift in our approach to sourcing the ingredients we cook with. We have realised it's often the food cooked using the best ingredients - not the most expensive or fancy - that produces the best results. We have also realised the way that ingredient is cooked is just as important.

Our modern lives have pushed us towards the most convenient way of cooking, but in doing so we have lost connection to flavours that only nature’s most ancient cooking method can hit. As we cook over fire something magical happens to our food. The smoke brings out unique flavours no amount of technology or trickery can replicate.

When two guys with a passion for cooking over fire started to think of wood as an ingredient and not just a fuel, we realised its potential in rediscovering those long-lost flavours within our food. We became more connected to where it was coming from and how it was grown, in doing so we began to better understand how to maximise its potential.


We work with West Country farmers to produce Great British cooking woods. Grown in Somerset, our cooking woods and charcoal are 100% natural and proudly unrefined (no chemicals). Each species of wood has its own unique characteristics offering something different to the ingredients it's cooked with. 

We hope the more you experience the flavours from our woods, the more you’ll pursue your passion for this way of cooking.  

That’s why we do it.