Preparation Time: 5 min
Cooking Time: 10 min

Wood Type: Apple
Heat: Medium-intense

6-8 Logs
3 Rump Steaks (room temperature)
Sea salt

It’s probably the unfortunate naming of this way of cooking that puts people off. But there is nothing dirty about it. Here the steak is cooked directly on the coals or embers, creating a flavour you can’t replicate with any other way of cooking steak.


It goes without saying, if you are cooking directly on your charcoal or embers of a fire you need to make sure it's 100% natural and without any chemical treatment. 

Build a good bed of embers, they should be glowing red. 

You don’t want to put anything on the steak before cooking - it will just burn. 

Lay the steaks directly onto the coals. You can use tongs or gloves at this point, but don't rush. You want to ensure the steak is nestled flat on top of the embers. 

The thickness of your steak and the temperature of the coals will dictate how long to cook for, but as a general rule allow for a minute less than in a pan. So for a 350g steak about 6 minutes. You want to aim to flip the steak 4 times in this period, each time moving it to a new section of embers. 

You may get the odd coal stuck to the steak as you flip but these can easily be brushed off. 

Once cooked, rest your steak for the same amount of time you have cooked it for. Cut against the grain and enjoy.