What you need

8 Logs
8 Pieces of Kindling
2 Eco Firelighters

Whatever kit you use, the fundamental steps of building a fire are the same. Fuel, heat and oxygen are the three basics required to start a fire. It’s easy to think that you just need to pile the wood high, chuck on a load of fire starters and away you go. But the oxygen and heat are as important as the fuel.

To light a fire, we prefer the crisscross ‘log cabin method’, which promotes significant airflow. This will make your fire stable, so that when the wood begins to crumble, it maintains a solid base for you to add more logs.

How to light a fire using the top down method

For the best results, choose fairly straight logs of similar diameter. Place two logs parallel to each other, approximately 30cm apart. Then place two more logs across the first pair, a similar width apart.

Now lay four pieces of kindling across the second pair of logs. If a couple slip down it’s not a problem.

Nestle your fire lighter on top of the kindling.

Place four more logs in the same crisscross pattern.

Repeat with the kindling and firelighters on top. Now you just need to light each firelighter and watch. You’ve just made fire!

Using the top down method to light fire pit