The lamb chops we’ve used here are skinny, with all the fat still left on. As the chops cook and drip their juicy goodness onto the coals below, flames will flare up and help your chops become super crispy. This is one of the few times we’re happy to see flames when we’re grilling.


Preparation Time: 15 min + overnight marinade
Cooking Time: 10 min

Wood Species: Hazel
Wood Type: chunks & charcoal

3oo-500g chunks
15-20 lamb chops
30g The Spicy One
2 tbsp vegetable oil
seeds from 1 pomegranate
1 bunch mint, leaves only

Tahini dressing:
300ml Greek yoghurt
4 tbsp tahini
juice of 1 lemon
good pinch of salt



Ideally the night before mix The Spicy One rub with the veg oil and coat your chops, leaving them to marinade in the fridge.

Before you start cooking make sure you have everything prepped. Cut and deseed the pomegranate. Pick the mint leaves and mix together the tahini dressing ingredients. The chops don’t take very long to cook. Have some water on stand by if the coals flare up too much whilst cooking.

Prepare your charcoal and when its ready add on your wood chunks.

Once the wood chunks start smoking you are ready to go. Evenly space out your chops and leave them to cook for 1 minute. In total you want to give them about 4-5 minutes max.

We flip ours every minute until they have nice crispy edges. Its OK if the coals flare up (in fact it’s almost guaranteed) but if you start to create a massive fireball and the chops are starting to burn just pour on a little water. This will cool down the coals.

Once the chops are cooked move them to a board to rest. You want to rest them for the same amount of time they have cooked.

Once rested spread them onto a serving platter. Finally channel your inner Jamie Oliver and sprinkle the pomegranate, mint and dressing over from a height.