If ever we are asked by someone with little fire experience what to cook we will often recommend chicken wings. The preparation is almost non-existent, they go well with just about any flavour combination and super simple to cook. So simple in fact we almost can’t call this a recipe!


Preparation Time: 5 min
Cooking Time: 60 min

Apple Chips
Lumpwood Charcaol
Heat: Low

100g Apple Chips
2kg Chicken Wings
25g The Smoky One


Chicken wings can come whole or split down into the drum and flat. However you buy them is fine, but we always try and get the whole ones, it just means you have less to move on the grill.

Start by lighting your charcoal and soaking 2 handfuls of chips in water for 15-20 mins. You ideally want to cook these at 150c so set up your BBQ in whichever way will achieve this temperature.

With your coals ready, sprinkle over your chips and leave them to catch and smoke. Now you can sprinkle The Smoky One rub over the wings, making sure every wing is covered.

Put them on your BBQ and close the lid. Smoke for up to 1 hour, making sure you hit an internal temperature of 72c.

We sometimes like to add a touch of homemade BBQ sauce or one of our favourite hot sauces to add a final kick of flavour.